You are necessary

Since the beginning of time, God has wanted a family. The Bible is full of stories of a God who would come and live with us, and invite us to live with him. It’s full of weddings, and families and babies and children. While the world certainly has a lot of ugly things in it, I believe God still looks at us and at the planet and says, “Good! And very good!”

He loves you. He created you to be the object of his love and affection.
He created you to be free and powerful.
He created you to find true paradise in the safety of his love, and to introduce that paradise to everyone else on earth.

You are beautiful and wonderful and made in the image of God himself. God created you with unique gifts and a unique personality. No one on earth is like you.

You are unique and incredible.
You have gifts that no one else has.
You are part of God’s plan.
You are necessary.

I live in a special sort of world where between work and church and family, people are always telling me how wonderful I am. I know that sounds smug and prideful… but it shouldn’t. I am wonderful! I was created by a wonderful God, and he called me very good. He put me together in my mother’s womb and I am wonderfully made. Something has gone wrong in our society when we think of anyone as prideful if they are just expressing the truth.

You are wonderful!

Much of the time I actually don’t like being told how wonderful I am. I get frustrated. I’m like, “If I was really as great as you say I am, then I would be doing all the things I want to do, not stuck here doing this stuff.”

I think I’ve got a few idols in my heart, things that are my definition of greatness and wonderfulness. Like being a famous preacher, or a best-selling author. But God doesn’t define my greatness by the idols I have, or the things I wish I was doing. He defines my greatness by himself. What does that mean? God is the greatest, most beautiful, most wonderful being in the universe. And he made me in his own image. Wow.

Take a deep breath with me.

You are beautiful and wonderful and made in the image of God himself.
God created you with unique gifts and a unique personality. No one on earth is like you.
Problems will arise in the world that only you can solve. God has made you the unique solution to all kinds of things.

You. Are. Necessary.

A lot of people have made being a Christian rather complicated, and you might hear people talk about how you’re not important, you’re not that special, it’s all about Jesus, and not about you. More of you, Lord, and less of me, etc. How do you deal with that, when I’m busy telling you that you are beautiful and important and necessary?

Here’s the thing. Jesus didn’t come to save a human race that was useless and ugly and without purpose. Jesus wasn’t on some pitiful rescue mission of charity. Jesus’ heart burns with unending love and passion for you and me. We are all he wants. When we try and live for ourselves, we totally screw things up, so we absolutely need him. We desperately need him. But when we find him (or he finds us, or whatever) then he comes and lives his life inside of us.

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.
— Galatians 2:20

Which is just the beginning!

Now you have God himself living inside of you, guiding you, directing you.

You are free to be beautiful. Free to be powerful. Free to be creative. Free to be just who he made you to be.


You are really necessary. The world needs you! The world needs you living full of God and full of love and full of boldness.

Grace & peace,